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Tennis Racket and Ball

About Us

The Mission
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Firstly, we aim to create memorable stories for young children. Whether you play tennis, watch it or are new to the sport, we hope you will enjoy reading these books. We are sure many children will be able to relate to the highs and lows faced by the adorable characters.


Secondly, we love tennis - it is a sport that requires dedication, focus, fitness and mental strength. We want the sport to keep growing. We want to help it reach as many young people around the world as possible.  These books will entertain, encourage a love of reading and above all, allow children into the fascinating world of tennis.

We are a social enterprise which means 50% of all profits raised through book sales will be used to provide free books books to children and schools. In simple terms, for every book sold, one book is donated.

The Team

Ace Tennis Books are brought to you by a group of publishing professionals - authors, illustrators, designers and tennis enthusiasts! 

Quality of product and reader satisfaction are at the heart of all we do. 

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