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RichReadAlot, book reviewer

“Bright, colourful stories that are full of positive messages about dealing with challenges through the sport of tennis, which is a great change from the usual sports!”

Miss Suffield, book blogger and

former School Librarian of the Year.

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“A True Champion and Sister Rivalry are gorgeous books for young children focusing on diversity, fitness, sport, values, honesty and the fear of losing. Beautiful illustrations. Suitable for age 4+.”

Instagram blog We Review Picture Books

A True Champion is highly recommended ✅.

"A fascinating story with colorful illustrations about sportsmanship. The story captured the game in a manner that many young readers will appreciate. There is excitement and anticipation. A True Champion is an excellent story and an ideal pick for those interested in tennis."

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Sister Rivalry is highly recommended✅.

“Sister Rivalry is a heartwarming and encouraging story about two sisters competing in a junior tennis championship. The author did an excellent job displaying their personalities and emotions. The story is based on a relatable and real life scenario."

Read the full review here

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